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Microsoft may split Windows for faster updates

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According to a reputable insider, WalkingCat, in order to accelerate the release of updates for Windows, Microsoft is considering the option of dividing the operating system into several versions. So users can quickly receive new features by downloading them directly from the company’s store.
Microsoft may split Windows for faster updates

Microsoft Windows
According to an insider, the Windows Feature Experience Pack application published on the Microsoft Store can now be installed on individual Windows computers and laptops that match the requested build.
Microsoft Windows
According to an insider, in this way the company plans to share updates for users of different assemblies, so it can speed up the timing of distribution of new releases. That is, all security patches and updates that expand the functionality of the system will be available individually, and not as a single global update, published as an ISO image on the corporation's website. 

This approach has several advantages. In addition to the fact that Microsoft will be able to release new features for Windows without being tied to major updates, this will allow more thorough testing of them. The latter is especially relevant, as the company has recently experienced problems with global updates.

In the future, we may see a down-to-date version of Windows 10 that can be easily downloaded and installed, and additional features are available through separate downloads.

This indicates a big departure from updating Windows 10, but it has the potential to make life easier for Windows users. Does this mean the hassle updates for Windows 10 can be eliminated? We certainly hope so.


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