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Microsoft: Separation of the Windows teams enables faster updates

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With the upcoming update to Windows 10 version 2004, the Redmond company Microsoft wants to align the development of its own operating system with the progress of the Azure team. So far, the versions have been completed at different times.
Microsoft: Separation of the Windows teams enables faster updates

While the Azure team released its versions in the second and fourth quarters, the versions of the Windows team were released in the first and third quarters. This should change as part of the development of Windows 10 version 2004. 

In the meantime, the Fast Ring has been changed so that the changes can already be tested there. The innovations should then flow into either the new Windows 10 20H2 or old versions of the operating system.

for this reason, Microsoft has now separated the different development teams. How Deskmodder reported the Twitter users "WalkingCat" noticed that the app "Suggestions System Experience" was replaced by the app "suggestion UI Undocked". This makes it possible to make system changes without simultaneous shell adjustments.

Faster updates possible in the future

The split has the advantage that updates can be delivered faster in the future. Finally, a completely new version of Windows 10 no longer has to appear in order to add new functions to the software. The features could simply be delivered via the update function of the operating system. 

While the core team works with the Azure team to take care of the operating system itself, shell changes can be made faster without waiting for the core team. However, there is still no official statement from Microsoft on the subject. 

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