NASA unveiled a test drive of the new Mars rover Mars-2020

NASA experts showed how the tests of the new Mars rover passed. The creators are preparing Mars-2020 for the flight to the Red Planet next year.
NASA unveiled a test drive of the new Mars rover Mars-2020

US National Space Agency  NASA  said the  Mars 2020 rover successfully passed the first tests. The device is equipped with wheels. It was thanks to them that the rover took the “first steps,” informs

A video showing the process of the first test drive appeared on the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s YouTube channel. NASA joked: “Mars-2020 gained a driver’s license.”

Thanks to this test, designers tested the autonomous navigation option. The creators noted that the device was much smarter than its predecessors, as well as more durable than previous rovers.

The launch of Mars-2020 is scheduled for the summer of next 2020. The device will search for various microbes on the Red Planet, as well as to conduct an analysis of climate and geological conditions. In addition, samples of soil, air and stones Mars-2020 will collect for sending to our planet.

Recall, the InSight module, located on Mars, resumed operation of the HP3 drilling rig in order to go a few centimetres to the surface of the planet.

It was also previously reported that the first manned flight of the Crew Dragon spacecraft created by SpaceX to the International Space Station (ISS) could take place in February 2020.

NASA unveiled a video showing what the agency’s engineers “taught” the new Mars 2020 rover. A corresponding video was released on the YouTube channel of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The rover was equipped with wheels and the device took the "first steps."

"Mars 2020 received a driver’s license. The test showed many autonomous navigation features," the report said.

The device is “smarter” than its predecessors and more durable.

The rover will go to conquer the open spaces of the Red Planet in the summer of 2020. The mission's goal is to search for microbial life, analyze geology and climate, and also collect samples for transmission to Earth.

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