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Nobody expected this from Redmi K30

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This was not discussed in the presentation.

Recall that today the Redmi K30 smartphone came out in China, which so far is only available in the version with support for fourth-generation networks, while the 5G version is delayed until January next year.

Nobody expected this from Redmi K30

Redmi initially confirmed that the front camera of the smartphone will be embedded in the active area of ​​the screen. The first teaser of the smartphone even before details about its characteristics appeared, showed an oval cutout in the screen, like the Samsung Galaxy S10 +.

What was the surprise of the first users of Redmi K30, who today received smartphones and began to deal with its settings? In the display section of the upper part of the screen, where there are icons of the signal level of the cellular network, battery charger, and so on, you can completely hide the cutout by making the top of the screen black and wide, like many smartphones.

Nobody expected this from Redmi K30

But the third option turned out to be completely unexpected, in which the oval cut under the front camera disappears. It turns out that the screen received two separate round holes for two image sensors. Users themselves can choose which option is preferable for them.

This fact has already become the occasion for the appearance of such folk art:

Nobody expected this from Redmi K30

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