OMA - the latest Meizu 17 camera technology

Details will be published on December 13

Next year, the Chinese manufacturer Meizu will release a new line of smartphones Meizu 17, about which so far there are only rumors.

OMA - the latest Meizu 17 camera technology

Presumably, Meizu 17 will be the first flagship of the company, which will be built on the basis of a single-chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 system. In addition to the latest platform, it is reported that the smartphone will receive a completely redesigned camera.

Digging Meizu has published several official teasers on which it has confirmed that details about the Meizu 17 camera will be announced the day after tomorrow, December 13th.

OMA - the latest Meizu 17 camera technology

The manufacturer promises to announce a new technology that should help you take good pictures in your favorite conditions. Technology is abbreviated as OMA.

Meizu Technology has also confirmed that this technology will debut with Meizu 17 smartphones.

The release of Meizu 17 is expected early next year.

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