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PlayStation 5: All information, PS5 rumors and dates at a glance

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Gradually, more and more details about the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) come to light. We collect all information in our special for the next-gen console, take a look around the rumour mill and talk about hardware, games, prices and release dates.
PlayStation 5: All information, PS5 rumors and dates at a glance
On our own behalf: This article is a special report that we are constantly updating and enriching with new information. It serves as an overview and collection point for all news about Sony PlayStation 5. The last update took place on December 18, 2019, at 3:30 p.m.

What has happened since the last update?

  • PlayStation 5 DevKit housing spotted in the wild
  • Godfall: The first PS5 game shows up in a game trailer
  • Sony's plans for a new multiplayer mode
  • Samsung to deliver NVMe SSDs for the PS5
  • The patent shows a possible new DualShock 5 controller
  • Sony could rely on modular SSDs for memory expansion
PS5: When will the next Sony game console appear?

Probably the most important question to be answered is after the release date of the now officially named Sony PlayStation fifth was first speculated that the Japanese manufacturer, the next-gen console on the E3 2019 in Los Angeles imagine, you had to quickly delete this date from the possible list of start dates. 

This year and last year Sony has excluded participation in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. Now it is clear: the PS5 will be in stores for Christmas 2020. However, an official unveiling of the console is still pending.

PlayStation 5: All information, PS5 rumors and dates at a glance

A next unveiling date would be the PlayStation Experience 2019/2020, also known as PSX, which could take place in winter or spring. December, which is slowly passing, would not have been a bad month, as many fans think. Finally, the first PlayStation was released in Japan in December 1994. 

This month, Sony's console is celebrating its 25th anniversary. A good occasion that will probably not be used to present the PS5 to the public.

In any case, there will be seven years between the release of the current PS4 and the new PS5, which was roughly between the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. 

If Sony stays true to its scheme, the exact release date could be set in November 2020. Finally, that month, to PlayStation 3 (2006), PlayStation 4 (2013) and the PlayStation 4 Pro (2016) at the start.

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PS5: What hardware will the next-gen console use?

New, more powerful components are also required for a new console. That was emphasized again by Sony boss Kenichiro Yoshida in an interview at the end of 2018. Hardware that is already under development at Sony partner AMD. There are two code names in the room: Zen 2 and Navi. 

The AMD Zen-2 architecture is already used in current Ryzen processors, which are also optimized for the PlayStation 5. The name "Gonzalo" is also in circulation for chip optimization. Experts expect eight cores (7 nm, octa-core) that work, however, significantly better performance than those in the gaming consoles PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Current information & rumours about the equipment:
  • AMD Ryzen 3000 processor (8-core CPU / octa-core / 7nm Zen 2)
  • AMD Radeon Navi graphics card (12-20 GB GDDR6 memory, RDNA)
  • Additional computing cores for ray tracing technology
  • 15 teraflops of performance, SSD instead of HDD
  • Low power consumption when pausing games (0.5 watts)
So far, the processor and graphics card have always come from the hand of AMD. That will also be the case with the new Sony PS5. Here, the Radeon Navi cards with 12 to 20 gigabytes of GDDR6 memory would come into question, which has replaced the current Vega generation at AMD. 

Rumour has it that Sony is aiming for a graphics performance of 15 teraflops. UltraHD resolutions (4K), 60 FPS, short loading times and functions such as HDR would certainly not be a problem.

It would also achieve the goal of beating Google's new cloud gaming service Stadia (10.7 TFLOPS). In comparison, the Xbox One X currently comes with 6 TFlops, the PS4 Pro with 4.2. A fast SSD instead of the previously used hard drives (HDD) should also accelerate the system, as this video shows with a loading time comparison. 

Samsung could serve as an NVMe supplier and maybe even produce proprietary modules for SSD storage expansion for Sony. Corresponding patents have already popped up.

Sony chief developer Mark Cerny himself gave an outlook on the hardware and confirmed the rumours surrounding third-generation AMD Ryzen processors based on Zen 2 and an AMD Navi graphics card optimized for the PS5. The CPU could be the AMD Ryzen 3600G. In addition, there should be an enormously fast SSD, 3D sound and the possibility to deal with an 8K resolution. 

It is not yet known whether the latter will only be available for streaming series and films or for gaming. Currently, the PlayStation 5's performance is often compared to that of an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2070.

There are also rumours that Sony could launch an entire family of consoles at the launch of the PS5, including a more powerful PlayStation 5 Pro. 

Thus, the Japanese manufacturer could pick up customers in different price regions and offer the flagship as planned for hardcore gamers at a higher price. No matter whether hardcore or not, one thing is certain in any case, the PS5 is "greener" and should use particularly little power when pausing games with 0.5 watts.

PS5: the appearance of the console and controller with touchscreens 

There is no precise information about the design of the Sony PlayStation 5 yet. However, it has already been confirmed that the new game console will also be equipped with an optical 4K Blu-ray drive.

 Cloud gaming and special " all-digital editions " are already an issue on Microsoft's Xbox One. Sony could also take care of this and radically rethink possible upcoming special editions of the PS5. However, these are still vague assumptions. Interesting is a recent Sony patent that shows an unspecified electronic device. 

Experts believe that this could be the possible design of the PlayStation 5. In various gaming forums, however, one speculates rather in the direction that one sees the look of a dev kit already supplied to developers. 

Instead of a rather simple look, these designs show a striking, futuristic design with many air intakes. However, it remains unclear whether this housing will be used in the living room in the future.

It is no secret that Sony is working on a Dualshock 5 controller and has some ideas for it since the appearance of a suitable patent in 2017. D-pad, action buttons and analogue sticks - everything you are used to. 

However, the new wireless gamepad could also rely on an integrated screen with touch functionality. So far, Sony has used a classic touchpad without a display at this point. It is not yet certain whether such a concept will be implemented.

It has now been officially confirmed that the possible DualShock 5 controller should have significantly improved vibration motors with which one would like to "deepen immersion". 

The haptic feedback in games will play a big role for Sony and the PlayStation 5. Likewise, adaptive trigger buttons (e.g. shoulder buttons) with resistances adjusted by the game should ensure that you feel a haptic difference. For example, between the use of a bow or the accelerator pedal of a racing car.

PlayStation 5: All information, PS5 rumors and dates at a glance

PS5: will there be PlayStation VR 2 glasses?

New hardware, more performance, several years of development time - all of this could also stand for a next generation of the PlayStation VR. Since its introduction in October 2016, virtual reality glasses have sold more than three million times. 

The hardware is a bit out of date with a 5.7 inch OLED display and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at a maximum of 120 Hertz, but costs around 200 euros, but costs significantly less than the professional competitors HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. In addition, it only requires a PlayStation 4 instead of an expensive high-end PC.

However, rumours about a new PSVR 2 headset are currently limited. There is often talk of higher resolutions towards 4K UHD and new controllers are also under discussion. 

However, there is no real tangible information apart from various concepts. One could assume that Sony is preparing for a launch parallel to the PlayStation 5 and possibly will bring a revised version of the PSVR onto the market for the current PS4 generation.

However, one thing is certain. And that the current generation of PlayStation VR will not only be compatible with the current PS4, but also with the upcoming PS5. Sony recently confirmed this in an interview.

PS5: Sony console prices and games

In addition to the release date, the built-in hardware and the design, the price of the Sony PlayStation 5 is particularly interesting. So what should the PS5 cost? Of course, official information is missing here. 

However, insiders assume that you should expect around $ 500 to $ 700. According to the current exchange rate, you would be at least 442 euros here. However, one should get used to the price regions of 499 euros or 599 euros. The placeholder from the Swedish Media Markt online shop, which listed the PS5 for the

Finally, there is speculation about possible PS5 games. In the rumour mill, of course, one speaks initially only of exclusive titles, for which it is very likely that Sony will offer them for the PlayStation 5. 

This naturally includes game series such as God of War, Gran Turismo and Uncharted. Final Fantasy, Spider-Man, Metal Gear Solid and the new Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) are also under discussion. Cross-platform highlights such as FIFA, Battlefield and Call of Duty are also taken for granted.

Another good news: PlayStation 5 technical director Mark Cerny confirmed in advance that the PS5 console will be backward compatible. This means that older PS4 and PS4 Pro titles (also in crossplay) can also be played on the next-gen game console. Even if unconfirmed, players may also be able to count on a new PS Plus Premium subscription and the option of reselling digitally purchased games.

The 1 TB version of the PlayStation 4 Pro is currently particularly popular. Started at a price of 399 euros, this remains stable except for a few discount campaigns in the price comparison. The cheapest alternative to the much more powerful PS4 Pro is the PlayStation 4 Slim, equipped with a 500 GB hard drive. 

It has often fallen below the 200 euro mark and is therefore also a bestseller. We have shown the currently available variants of the PS4 family including various memory configurations in our price comparison widget.

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