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The head of HUAWEI spoke about his "plan B"

At the HUAWEI Developer Day conference, the head of the Chinese technology giant, Zhen Zhenfei, announced that he had overcome the half-billionth threshold of active users of the company's products. 

The head of HUAWEI spoke about his "plan B"
He also told reporters about "Plan B", which the vendor is ready to proceed in case of continued sanctions by the US government.

According to the head of HUAWEI, for the survival of the company, it is necessary to prepare for the worst-case scenario in relations with the United States. 

The head of HUAWEI spoke about his "plan B"

He noted that the vendor already has 570 million active users and over 1.2 million registered software developers for the proprietary ecosystem. 

In addition, the flagship smartphone HUAWEI Mate 30 and new base stations for fifth-generation networks are already assembled without American components.

“We have a very ambitious“ Plan B ”. If the US does not allow its technology companies to supply us with products, we have other options. If these options become mature and stable, I don’t think that we will cooperate with companies from the USA in the future, ”said Zhenfei in an interview with reporters.

According to the head of HUAWEI, the company is able to become the largest seller of smartphones in the world, but it will take some time to achieve this goal. The next significant announcement of the vendor should be the flagship HUAWEI P40.

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