Vivaldi browser forced to change user-agent disguising as Chrome Maria Nefyodova

Vivaldi’s browser developers said that starting with the release of version 2.10 this week, their browser will disguise themselves as Chrome so that users can access sites that otherwise block them unfairly. This will be implemented by replacing the user-agent.
Vivaldi browser forced to change user-agent disguising as Chrome Maria Nefyodova

The official press release states that such a decision was made due to the fact that at present, many sites that theoretically work fine with Vivaldi still block the browser

“Vivaldi users regularly come across messages that they need to update their browsers, otherwise the site will not work. Although Vivaldi circumvented some of these problems, it happens on too many sites, and in some cases it is extremely difficult to fix, ”the developers write.

Some block Vivaldi due to their reluctance to deal with possible errors, while large technology companies such as Google and Microsoft have long been sabotaging the work of competitors in the browser market.

“The main reason we show Vivaldi as a user agent is our pride. But this pride harms, as our competitors (and not only) use this to block their services for us. Therefore, with the release of today's update, we are drawing a line so that you can view more sites without any problems, ”says Vivaldi CEO John von Teschner.

The Vivaldi team recorded a video demonstrating how sites that previously blocked their browser load without problems after the user-agent was changed to Chrome. Which proves that such prohibitions were committed unfounded.

Alas, not only Vivaldi developers recognize the need to disguise themselves as Chrome in order to gain access to sites. For example, another browser based on Chromium, Brave, has been doing the same thing for several years.

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