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What Samsung Will Show at CES 2020

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In anticipation of the technology exhibition CES 2020, vendors are gradually revealing a list of upcoming announcements. 
What Samsung Will Show at CES 2020

Samsung was no exception: the company published information about gadgets that it will present in January - the list includes not only accessories for smartphones, but also more original solutions.

What Samsung Will Show at CES 2020

The SelfieType experimental keyboard uses a gadget selfie camera and artificial intelligence algorithms. It will be possible to apply the solution with smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronics. For printing, you don’t even need to touch the smartphone. Artificial intelligence will record the position of the hands and fingers on any surface, "reading" the pressure.

The system was developed as part of the C-Lab Inside project, an “incubator of ideas” offered by Samsung employees. In addition to the virtual keyboard, at the CES 2020 exhibition at the beginning of next year will present a number of inventions that can make life and work more comfortable.

What Samsung Will Show at CES 2020

SunnySide is a light source that generates a full range of rays characteristic of natural sunlight at different times of the day. This, according to the developers, will help not only create a more comfortable indoor environment but also compensate for the lack of vitamin D. The Ultra V sensor for portable and stationary devices that records the level of ultraviolet radiation during the day will complement the device.

What Samsung Will Show at CES 2020

The company will also demonstrate the Beacon gadget, which can help prevent baldness, the Hyler electronic marker, digitizing highlighted text directly from the paper, and other inventions.

What Samsung Will Show at CES 2020

For startups outside the company, the C-Lab Outside program operates, in which inventors receive all kinds of help from Samsung - from investments to promoting new products at international exhibitions. At CES 2020, third-party developers working with Samsung will present the humanoid mini-robot for single users - it can keep up the conversation, tell the news or share a fresh weather forecast.

The FITT platform will help not only assess the current physical condition of the user but also recommend a set of exercises, as well as predict possible diseases. The Vtech platform allows you to control smart electronics with eye movements and gestures, and the Smoothy system provides a video chat application. 

Including it allows you to use animated avatars during video calls using the Samsung AR Emoji mechanisms - animated characters will copy the facial expressions of real prototypes.

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