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Why you need to quickly install Magic UI 3 on Honor smartphones (and how to do it)

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Some models of Honor are starting to get operating system updates with the Magic UI 3.0 shell. We tell you what's new in it, and tell you a secret on how to get the new version as soon as possible.
Why you need to quickly install Magic UI 3 on Honor smartphones (and how to do it)
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There is no limit to perfection, and with each version, the Magic UI interface becomes more beautiful and intuitive. The developers of the third edition were inspired by the works of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi - the design used pastel-cool colours. In addition, "Magazine Style" was used: headlines, well-read fonts, a tight grid of elements arranged and general ease of interface.

Why you need to quickly install Magic UI 3 on Honor smartphones (and how to do it)

The request menu is approaching

In the Magic UI, application shortcuts and widgets have been placed on many desktop screens, but there is also the option to enable access to the classic list of applications sorted alphabetically. 

Previously, to get into it, you had to click on the icon in the bottom panel, now just swipe your finger from the bottom of the desktop to the top. There was also a quick search - when you swipe your finger from top to bottom you enter it.

New screen for notifications and quick settings

The most prominent changes have been touching the screen, which is "dragged" from the top edge of the screen. The veil itself has become translucent, the instant settings icons are larger - they're easier to access, and notification cards are more like cards. The notifications became interactive as well. For example, you can reply to a message directly from the screen.

Dark theme

The most modern invention of the modern-day smartphones is also in Magic UI 3. In screen settings, you can enable a dark theme that will relax your eyes in the evening (especially with "Vision Protection" mode). For a dark topic, you need the help of specific applications, but that's all right. The most famous programs have already been received, as well as all their honors.

New camera interface

Camera application just got easier. The interface elements are now maximized, the zoom slider has changed, and the name of the current name appears on the current screen when changing modes.

Android 10

And of course, with Magic UI 3.0, Honor smartphones get the latest version of the tenth Android operating system. All improvements in efficiency and security are in the process.

How to get Magic UI 3.0 as soon as possible

First of all, Honor distributes updates through proprietary Hiker application users. If the System Utility accessible through the Settings menu shows that the installed Magic UI 2.1 is the latest available, try your luck at High Care by clicking Update. First, the company plans to update the models, the Honor 10, the Honor V10, the Honor 8X, the Honor 9X, the Honor 20s and the Honor 20 Lite.

In general, the hiker is not only useful for this. By request, you can find the cost of spare parts for repairs, find the nearest service centre and ask a support service.

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