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Xbox Series X: This is how big the next Microsoft console really is

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Microsoft recently introduced its new Xbox Series X, to everyone's surprise, and it has now been made clear that the console will simply be called Xbox. However, much is unclear, including how big the device is. One side tried to estimate that.
Xbox Series X: This is how big the next Microsoft console really is

The next Xbox will be launched in just under a year, and Microsoft also revealed last week what the next-gen console does and what it looks like. 

The design was a surprise for many, but not for some, because Microsoft has indicated in the past that consoles are approaching PCs. In this specific case, ventilation should above all benefit - also in terms of volume.

And that's why the next Xbox looks like a mini PC. But how "mini" is it actually? IGN asked itself this question and the well-known game site built a mockup. This also shows how big the Xbox Series X is compared to the Xbox One X.

Looks bigger than it is

The basis for the mockup was, of course, the press photos and recordings from the unveiling video. The dimensions were calculated or estimated using known or approximate values ​​for the drive and the controller. 

And IGN's dummy shows that the next Xbox seems to be relatively large. You could believe it anyway because that's a kind of optical illusion.

Microsoft has so far only positioned the console as a tower, but it will also be possible to lay it across. 

In the video, the game site editors also talk about the fact that Microsoft may not want the console to disappear under the TV, but rather should play a more prominent role in the living room, such as Amazon Echo.

However, there is a small discrepancy between images and reality, because IGN repeatedly emphasizes that in reality, it is significantly smaller than it looks. In terms of volume, the Xbox is the same or even smaller than the previous devices - including the original PlayStation 4.

Xbox Series X: Microsoft unveils the design and name of the new console

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