Xiaomi suspected of illegally collecting user data

Scandals with violation of user privacy and secret data collection by online services and smartphone manufacturers are a common practice of European and American authorities. 

But this time, news about a large audit of developers came from China - the country's regulatory authorities suspected domestic companies, including Xiaomi and Tencent, in violation of user privacy laws.

Xiaomi suspected of illegally collecting user data
Several Chinese companies were immediately suspected, including Xiaomi Finance, Tencent QQ messaging service, QQ Reading e-book distribution platform, Weibo social network, 36Kr news aggregators and Sohu news, as well as FlashEX delivery service.

Too frequent request for system permissions and intrusive distribution of advertisements, according to the Chinese authorities, can be safely attributed to a violation of user rights. 

For several months, the authorities received over 8,000 applications from developers who admitted that they had not correctly organized the collection of personal data and were ready to fix it. Nevertheless, 41 companies still have not resolved the issue of confidentiality and technically continue to violate the law.

Especially for applications that pay minimal attention to user privacy and are suspected of illegally collecting data without the consent of the owner of a smartphone or laptop, a blacklist has recently been created in China. 

When you get into it, applications are completely blocked in the country. Xiaomi representatives have not yet commented on the situation with the collection of custom ones.

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