AMD Magic Kick. Intel significantly reduces prices for its most expensive processors

Some models are now cheaper by more than half

Intel has not yet been able to fully respond to AMD with truly new processors on all fronts, so one of the options available to the company is a price reduction.
AMD Magic Kick. Intel significantly reduces prices for its most expensive processors

We have already seen how Intel made the new Core X half the price of its predecessors. A similar situation was with some line of CPU Xeon. According to the source, today Intel again had to resort to the same method. More precisely, some Xeon Scalable processors have become significantly cheaper - the L models with support for more RAM.

AMD Magic Kick. Intel significantly reduces prices for its most expensive processors

For example, the top-end Xeon Platinum 8280L fell in price from $ 17,906 to $ 13,012, that is, by 27%. And Xeon Gold 5215L and at all became cheaper more than twice.

Along with lower prices, Intel has somewhat simplified the Xeon Scalable line. Previously, it had three types of processors: conventional (support 1.5 TB of RAM), a CPU with an index of M (support 2 TB of RAM), and a CPU with an index of L (support of 4.5 TB of RAM). Now the second type has been abolished, and older versions have become cheaper.

Intel cuts out second-gen 'extended memory' scalable pricing

Intel does this from different angles. First of all, it seems that these M processors are not so popular among Intel system integrators. For OEMs, the customer base either took the usual version with normal memory and saved ~ $ 3,000. The processor, or went in full support of large memory, spent an additional $ 7,000. And then I found that DRAM / Optane cost more than the processor in any case, so it was worth it.

Another reason for the termination notice is to simplify the product mix. Intel has already cancelled some processors but also upgraded them to higher levels, but figuring out the $ 55 socket option is a bit confusing. This change reduces the number to at least seven.

The amazing thing here is that Intel is going to link the closure of this product to even lower prices. All previous processors with large memory will go down in price to the same price as processors with medium memory. This means that the premium is now reduced to 3,000. To support wider memory. 

The best example of this is the Zune Platinum 8280 series. Typically the tray of 8280 is 90009, while the tray price of 8280M was 13,012 and the tray price of 8280L was 17,906. The 8280M will disappear, and the new price of the 8280L will be 12 13012.

Intel cuts out second-gen 'extended memory' scalable pricing

Unfortunately, consumers who have already invested in processors M&L are unlikely to see any benefit. If Processor M fails, it will depend on the manufacturer's supply if it is replaced. If the user has already spent more than $$ on the L version, he is unlikely to receive a refund. 

Customers buying L processors are more likely to have large companies computing systems and larger companies that work with larger databases.

Source = AnandTech

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