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Coronavirus forced to switch to "contactless delivery"

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Couriers no longer meet customers

Meituan Takeaway, a Chinese food delivery company, today announced the launch of the so-called “contactless delivery” in 184 cities in China.
Coronavirus forced to switch to "contactless delivery"

According to the plan, this service will be distributed to all cities of the country this week. The main task is to reduce contacts between people, which should help the spread of coronavirus, which is raging in the country. Meituan Takeaway initially launched a “contactless delivery” service in Wuhan, where the virus was detected.

Coronavirus forced to switch to "contactless delivery"

Users of the Meituan Takeaway service can choose “contactless delivery” on the order page in the application or contact the courier by phone to discuss the delivery time and the place where he should leave the order.

Speaking about coronavirus, it’s worth sharing a link that allows you to monitor in real time the number of infected, dead and cured.

At the moment, the death toll is 132 people, while 110 people were cured. The total number of infections exceeds 6,000.

Meituan takeaway “contactless delivery” has been launched in 184 cities covering the country this week

After taking the lead in piloting "contactless delivery" service in Wuhan, Meituan Takeaway announced that "contactless delivery" has been launched in 184 cities across the country and is expected to cover the whole country this week. 

At present, Meituan takeaway users can choose "contactless delivery" in two ways, one is to remark the information directly on the order page, and the other is to communicate directly with the rider to inform the user of the service to negotiate a product placement with the rider The specified position.

In the process of "contactless delivery", in addition to remarking information directly on the order page, users can also contact the rider directly through the phone or a message in the APP to inform. For example, on the order page, through the "contact rider" or "call rider" button, get in touch with the rider and negotiate the location of the meal.

At the same time, during the distribution process, the rider will also call the user in advance to confirm whether to choose the service and will further determine the location of the meal after being approved.

In addition, contactless delivery in the hospital area is special, and the hospital staff has a large flow. Conventional meal placement methods cannot ensure safety. For this reason, the person in charge of Meituan Takeaway issued an appeal: "We have prepared food delivery for hospital areas We hope that the hospitals in need can take the initiative to contact us. The contact phone number is 10109777. "

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