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Meizu officially announced new mobile phone OS

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Meizu officially announced that as of January 17, the release of the full Flyme 8.0 stable model has been completed. The system-level new design and more than 100 function adjustments cover the following models:
Meizu officially announced new mobile phone OS

Meizu 16T, 16s Pro, 16Xs, 16s, Note9, Note8, X8, 16X, 16th Plus, 16th, 15 Plus, 15, M15, Charm Blue E3, Charm Blue S6, Charm Blue 6, Charm Blue Note6, PRO 7 Plus, PRO 7 High Edition, PRO 7 Standard Edition, PRO 6 Plus, Charm Blue Note5, PRO 6 / 6s, Charm Blue Max, Charm Blue E, MX6, PRO 5

At the Meizu 16s Pro conference on August 28 last year, Meizu officially released the Flyme 8 system that is "light as spirit". It adopts the new design concept of Alive Design, which is faster and smoother.

In UI design, Flyme 8 adopts a new 4X6 desktop layout. The foreground and background of the icon are completely distinguished, bringing more exquisite dynamic effects to the icon. The icon center graphic is more rigorous and detailed. The background color is more concise. Each icon is Can better express application meaning. At the same time, Perfect Icon Plan 2.0 will be adapted to more third-party APPs.

In addition, Flyme 8 also uses a line-removal white space combined with global sinking design, a new grid system, adjusting the font size, word weight, line spacing, etc., so that the line between words is full of breathing, concise and regular, and common content has been optimized for position Fingers are easier to reach.

At the same time, a major change in Flyme 8 is the introduction of agile wallpapers, adding more than 300 new motion effects, providing a cooler "small window mode 2.0" and bringing game mode 4.0.

Features highlights are as follows:

  • Smart Wallpaper: Dynamic changes, delicate and natural;
  • Night mode: colour conversion, deep and comfortable;
  • Small window mode: multi-tasking on the same screen, the application can be switched freely;
  • Call blocking: reduce interference, immersive gaming experience;
  • Family Guardian: Careful and meticulous, Guardian always online;
  • Lacy intelligent assistant: intelligent integration, more conscience;
  • Game screen running: Power-saving lasting, worry-free on-hook.
Meizu officially announced new mobile phone OS

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