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Coronavirus Update: 13 new German coronavirus patients

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The 13th case of New coronavirus appears in Germany. German Health Minister Span does not rule out the possibility of more patients.
Coronavirus Update: 13 new German coronavirus patients

According to a German TV report, there is now the 13th case of a new coronavirus patient in Germany, who is the wife of a patient in Bavaria. The Bavarian Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that a pathogen was detected in her. A few days ago, the couple's two children were infected with the virus. According to doctors, children are as symptomatic as mothers. First of all, the sick father's health was stable.

Coronavirus Update: 13 new German coronavirus patients

A total of 13 people in Germany have been infected with the new coronavirus and are quarantined. Two of them were German diasporas returned from Hubei Province. Other patients were related to Webasto in Bavaria, Germany.

 A Chinese employee came to the company a few days ago and held a seminar. Subsequently, several employees were infected. After returning to China, the Chinese employee was found to have the new coronavirus. A German vacationer was found quarantined while on vacation in Spain and has now been isolated. The 26-year-old man is also from Bavaria and has contact with a Webasto employee.

RTL TV reported that German Health Minister Jens Spahn visited the Quammers quarantine station in the small town of Palatinate on Wednesday. He said that the new cron epidemic has not yet reached its peak, not in China, nor in the world and Germany. Germany does not rule out the possibility of new patients.

According to the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Health, more than 100 German nationals returned from China were examined again and no new patients were found. All returnees are in good condition. The parties are committed to making their two-week isolation period a pleasant one.

Regarding whether to introduce entry restrictions, Span said that after the United States set entry restrictions, whether Europe should adopt entry restrictions has become a matter of public opinion.

According to Radio West Germany, Berlin-based Charité Hospital has obtained the new coronavirus from patients in Bavaria and is working on drugs to treat the virus. The hospital found that patients may have almost no symptoms, but carry many pathogens. This makes it more difficult to detect and isolate patients in a timely manner. 

The Harriet Hospital decided to send the pathogens to European research institutions so that many parties can work hard to find the right medicine as soon as possible.

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