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Don't be fooled! Many rumours of new coronavirus pneumonia are still being believed

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At present, epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period, but some rumours have spread on major online platforms. How many of these messages did you believe?
Don't be fooled! Many rumors of new coronavirus pneumonia are still being believed
Rumour 1: Atomization with 75% disinfectant alcohol + wind oil essence can kill the virus in the body
Zhang Xi, director of the emergency department of Wuhan No. 6 Hospital, said that the irritation was too strong, and the virus might not have killed, and I fell down.
You can use 75% ethanol to wipe frequently contacted daily necessities to kill the virus that may be attached to it, instead of sucking it in to kill the virus.
Rumour 2: Use a hairdryer to force the file, and blow on the mask and face for 30 seconds each to disinfect
Yu Chengbo, the chief physician of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine and medical team leader of Zhejiang New Aid Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia Medical Corps, said that the coronavirus is indeed sensitive to high temperature, but this is not the case for the virus. The virus in the body is ineffective.
The virus enters the human's respiratory tract through droplets and becomes infected. If the infected finger digs the nostrils, picks the mouth, and rubs the eyes, the virus may enter the human body through the mucous membranes, so we must emphasize washing our hands frequently.

Don't be fooled! Many rumors of new coronavirus pneumonia are still being believed
Rumour 3: the Suspected case was blocked at a restaurant in Guangzhou
Recently, a video of "a suspected case was found in a restaurant in Liwan" was circulated on the Internet. In the video, the goose restaurant was surrounded by a cordon. This made the neighbours who had come to the restaurant to eat in Liwan District panic and worried that they were infected.
However, there were no medical and quarantine personnel in the video, and the suspected case found by the video shooter was false information. Several notices posted near the restaurant show that there are many places in the building where the wall is cracked. It is suspected to be affected by nearby municipal works and is currently being investigated.
Rumour 4: Oral and nasal inhalation in Germany can be treated with nebulization
Li Fajiu, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Wuhan Sixth Hospital, said that nebulization is only a means. The key is what medicine to use. Simple nebulization itself does not work for patients with coronavirus infection. It must be accompanied by a therapeutic drug!
Rumour 5: Persist in drinking a small amount of boiling water at 60 ℃ for several times to kill the virus
Yu Chengbo, the chief physician of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine and medical team leader of Zhejiang New Aid Wuhan New Crown Pneumonia Medical Corps, said that the virus invades the respiratory system and hot water enters the digestive tract. Drinking such hot water will not only eliminate the virus but also easily cause burns.
Rumour # 6: Snowfall Can Suppress Virus Transmission
Yesterday, the first snowfall of the year of the mouse fell in many areas. Some people on the Internet said that snowfall would inhibit the spread of the virus.
The Central Meteorological Observatory Weibo responded that snowfall is usually accompanied by cooling, thinking that it will freeze the virus? NONONO, too naive! Viruses like cold, dry air.
Its introduction, in general, snowfall has advantages and disadvantages for virus transmission. On the plus side, snowfall can clean the air, because snowflakes can effectively settle fine particles floating in the air, and these particles often harbour viruses or bacteria. Therefore, after a snowfall, air quality is usually very good, and everyone can breathe with ease.
We often say that the weather is cold, be careful of colds. In fact, cold is not the cause of colds, but the cold will be more conducive to viruses invading the body. After the cold, the human mucosa of the respiratory system is more likely to be damaged, the virus survives longer, reproduces faster, and viruses entering the nasal cavity have a greater probability of infecting cells.
Rumour # 7: Beijing's 1,000 pharmacies put 3 million masks a day
On the 3rd, a message circulated on the Internet saying: "Beijing today puts on masks at 1,000 pharmacy outlets in the city, uniformly 4 cents, 6 cents, 10 packs. 3 million are put in the city every day, more than 3,000 per point." An attachment was provided, covering 50 medical sites that put on masks in Chaoyang District.
The reporter dialled the pharmacy phone provided in the attachment, and only two pharmacies were connected in more than 20 randomly dialled calls, respectively, Dalong Pavilion of Xinzhi Pharmaceutical Group Jingzhitang (Beijing) Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd. and Beijing National University At the pharmacy chain Co., Ltd.'s Shaoyaoju store, the staff who answered the phone said that they had not received a notice of putting on a mask. The reporter found that Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places had the same information, and all have been rumoured.
Rumour # 8: Former Chairman of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Gets Medical Treatment for New Crown Pneumonia in Hong Kong
A few days ago, it was rumoured that Deng Kun, a Hong Kong-diagnosed patient with new pneumonia and general manager of Haitong Securities Investment Department, was the daughter of Deng Qilin, the former chairman of WISCO, and said that the Deng Qilin and his wife came to visit her daughter in Hong Kong and had stayed in three five-star luxury hotels After having fever symptoms, he did not seek medical treatment in time, and replaced a five-star hotel. All three of the family were diagnosed with the infection, which caused great concern among netizens.
It is reported that Deng Qilin was sentenced to 15 years in prison for bribery in 2017, and an online article said that he is now "seeking medical treatment outside the country."
Don't be fooled! Many rumors of new coronavirus pneumonia are still being believed
In response to the news, after verification by the relevant departments, this is not true information. Former Wuhan Iron and Steel Chairman Deng Qilin is currently serving a prison sentence. He is 69 years old and has one son and no daughter.
It was confirmed that Deng Yue's parents came to Hong Kong from Wuhan on January 22, and both of them developed low fever soon after. They were diagnosed as patients with new coronary pneumonia. They were admitted to the hospital on January 28. Deng Yan himself was also diagnosed with a new crown on the day after his parents were admitted to hospital Admission of the virus.
Rumour 9: Tokyo Olympics to be cancelled due to new coronavirus epidemic
After the WHO announced that the "new coronavirus epidemic is listed as a public health emergency of international concern", the news that the 2020 Summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo, Japan this summer may be suspended due to this has also begun. Faced with more and more related rumours, the Tokyo Olympic Committee in Japan quickly rumoured this: This is not true. At present, there is only information exchange between the International Olympic Committee and the World Health Organization. There are no other measures.
Rumour 10: Pets can spread new coronavirus
Currently, there is no evidence that pets such as dogs and cats will be infected with the new coronavirus (2019-nCov). However, after contact with pets, washing hands with soap and water can significantly reduce the transmission of other common bacteria between pets and humans, such as E. coli and Salmonella.
Rumour 11: Fire caused by alcohol disinfection
Recently, the news of a "fire caused by alcohol disinfection" has been circulating on the Internet. According to the news, the male host sprayed alcohol at home, the hostess cooked at home, and the house caught fire! At the same time, a photo of the fire in the house was also provided.
Yantai fire official said: After verification, the picture circulating on the Internet is a fire in a private house in Laiyang, Yantai, without any casualties. After a preliminary investigation, the fire was caused by a malfunction of the electrical appliance and had nothing to do with the alleged fire caused by alcohol disinfection in the network. The cause of the fire is under investigation.
Although this fire has nothing to do with alcohol, according to professionals from Shandong Fire Rescue Corps: alcohol disinfection, be sure to pay attention to safety! When using 75% alcohol, keep away from open flames! After the concentration of alcohol used is higher than 70%, the volatilization of alcohol increases the flammable gas in the indoor air. As long as there is a small spark in the air, it may cause deflagration, which is more dangerous than alcohol being ignited.
Therefore, the room disinfected by spraying alcohol needs to ensure ventilation! When the air is "heavy", do not touch open flames.
Rumour 12: Temperature is not measured at Hangzhou East Railway Station
Recently, there is news on the Internet that the Hangzhou East actually does not arrange a temperature measurement security check.
According to the Hangzhou East Railway Station Management Committee, as the "first gateway" of Zhejiang Province, the East Railway Station has completed 10 exits on the railway arrival floor, 4 entrances on the second-floor departure hall, and a total of 20 long-haul entrances and exits. The full coverage installation of the infrared temperature sensor is implemented to realize the full coverage of the temperature monitoring of passengers entering and exiting. If abnormalities are found, they will be confirmed by the second follow-up diagnosis of health care staff. This seamless connection mode ensures that the epidemic situation of passengers entering and leaving the East Station can be prevented and controlled Not leaking.
Rumour 13: Qingdao will be closed on February 4
Recently, the news that "Qingdao will be closed on February 4" was spread in the circle of friends and caused a lot of attention.
Qingdao Internet Police inspected the official Weibo post of law enforcement and verified that the news was false. The public security organ has educated the Internet user Zhang Moumou according to law.
Rumour 14: New type of coronavirus pneumonia can be "transmitted through the eyes, can get sick at a glance", "will die from infection"
Recently, a video was spread in the WeChat group. In the video, the man claimed that the new type of coronavirus pneumonia can be "transmitted through the eyes, and you can get sick at a glance" and "will die when infected.".
After receiving reports from the masses, the Linyi Cyber ​​Police quickly proceeded. After investigation, the Internet user Zhang Moumou (male, 46 years old) deliberately exaggerated the facts in order to get the attention of others after drinking, and made up and published the above rumour information. On January 27, Lanshan Police imposed administrative detention on Zhang for 5 days according to law.
Rumour 15: Shun Feng Express stopped receiving express mail
On the 3rd, the news that Shun Feng Express stopped being received began to spread.
In response to this, the official Weibo of SF Group opened a rumour, saying that SF brother has been online.
In order to strengthen the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection, in February 2020, the SF Express service made certain adjustments. According to the adjustment notice, starting February 3, 2020, the services of "heavy cargo parcel", "large-ticket less-than-truckload" and "heavy cargo special transport" will be resumed, and the rest of the products will be temporarily suspended. Due to the influence of some government policies and regulations, there are some flows that temporarily restrict the receiving and sending. The specific adjustments are as follows:
South China Area: Except for parts of western Guangdong, normal delivery will be accepted;
Central China area: except Hubei, Hunan, Henan, etc.
East China Area: Except for Jiangxi, Jinhua, Wenzhou, Taizhou and other regions, the normal distribution of documents;
North China area: Except for Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other regions, the normal distribution of documents;
Northeast Area: Except for Jilin, Heilongjiang, and other regions, normal delivery will be accepted;
Northwest area: except Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, etc.
Southwest Area: Except for some areas such as Yunnan and Tibet, normal delivery will be accepted.
Rumour 16: Shanghai medical team lacks materials
On the evening of the 2nd, at a press conference on the prevention and control of pneumonia in a new type of coronavirus infection in Hubei Province, Zheng Junhua, the captain of the Shanghai Medical Team of Shanghai and Hubei, responded that the lack of supplies for the Shanghai Medical Team that was widely circulated in the circle of friends was completely Rumors have it that the medical team did not show up.
Rumour 17: The highway junction is closed, Hangzhou can't enter
On the 3rd, many people ’s WeChat circle of friends was swiped by such a piece of information. “The video conference in Hangzhou just ended, and I ca n’t return to Hangzhou from tonight. I have returned to the expressway immediately under the expressway. Both Hangzhou and Yuhang expressways have been closed. Those who return to the Hangzhou Expressway are advised to return, and they are not allowed to get off the highway. Friends, please tell each other. "
According to the Hangzhou Branch of Zhejiang High-speed Traffic Police, this information is false! At present, the main high-speed exits of Hangzhou South, Pengbu, Yuhang, Xiaoshan, Xinjie, De

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