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Here's the PS5: Sony reveals the price!

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This year's console industry is also very exciting, Sony and Microsoft will update their own console product line.
Here's the PS5: Sony reveals the price!

According to the latest foreign media reports, Sony executives stated in a recent earnings conference call that the company has not yet decided on the price of the new PlayStation 5, but they are currently making difficult choices because the cost of the product has increased after the performance increase Less, and continue to sell for $ 399, it is no longer realistic.

According to previous news, the manufacturing cost of Sony PS5 has reached $ 450, plus the cost of operation promotion, research and development, and the total cost is estimated to exceed $ 500, while the material cost of PS4 is $ 381, although each generation of PS5 will lose money The price is on sale, the possibility of setting it at 399 US dollars is also very small.

As for the official launch of the PS5, Sony executives hinted that the launch of the new console should be at the end of the year. If there is still the possibility of advance, but this epidemic has eliminated this possibility (coronavirus outbreak will affect Product launch, manufacturing and global economy).

According to the leaked configuration, the codenamed Oberon chip used by the PS5 will provide 36 sets of AMD Navi architecture computing units with a frequency of 2000MHz, resulting in a GPU computing power of 9.2TF. There are also reports that PS5 GPUs can switch in 3 modes for backward compatibility with PS4 and PS4 Pro games. Normal mode is "gen 2" and runs next-generation games.

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