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Indian remedies for treatment of new coronavirus: cow urine, cow dung, spell

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At present, the new coronavirus has been transmitted in many countries around the world, and India, the second-most populous country, has confirmed two cases. 

Swami Chakrapani

Although the total number is small, it has also worried Indian netizens. In order to treat the new coronavirus pneumonia, various folk remedies are frequent in India. Indian heavyweights also told believers that the virus can be cured with cow urine, cow dung and a spell.

According to Indian media reports, Swami Chakrapani, a politician who has risen in recent years and the head of the Hindu holy ABHM, has published a remedy that claims to be able to treat the new coronavirus. 

It is applied to patients with bovine urine and cow dung. Full body, and then say a spell- Om Namah Shivay, which means " I bow to Shiva, I bow to the inner self ", so that the disease can be cured.

Indian remedies for treatment of new crown virus: cow urine, cow dung, spell

Due to the special status of cattle in India, the use of cow urine and cow dung to treat diseases is commonplace in India. It is not surprising that Chakra Pani proposed such a treatment. His ABHM is a strong religious tendency. Organization.

Regarding his suggestion, there must be many believers in India who believe in this kind of treatment, but there are also sober Indian netizens expressing their dissatisfaction, thinking that these wrong treatments will only affect the disease, and call on the government to come forward to curb the spread of prejudices.

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