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Windows welcomes new owner! Word-of-mouth PC hit

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This week, Microsoft made adjustments to the company's management team.
Windows welcomes new owner! Word-of-mouth PC hit

1. "Father of Surface" Panos Panay will lead both the Windows Experience and Hardware Divisions. The new division will be called "Devices + Windows". Previously, the head of the Windows Experience Team was Joe Belfiore.

2. Panay continues to report to Rajesh Jha, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Experience and Equipment Division;

Windows welcomes new owner! Word-of-mouth PC hit
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3. Qiao Beifeng and Ales Holecek started to lead the product and R & D team of the Office Experience Division. Qiao Beifeng continued to be responsible for other news and other iOS and Android applications;

4. Eran Megiddo, Vice President of Windows Education Products, will lead the Modern Life Experience and Education Division;

5. Team manager Brian Macdonald retired from Microsoft;

6. Jeff Tepper takes over Teams and continues to lead the SharePoint / OneDrive project;

7. Kirk Koenigsbauer, Microsoft 365 Vice President, reports to Rajesh Jha as COO.

In the mail, Panay told the media that he was excited about the company's designation to assist the Windows experience team, which will help reduce the middle links in the development of hardware devices and optimize the user experience.

Earlier, the success of Surface has established a good reputation for Panay in and outside the industry, and Surface will undoubtedly complement the future development of Windows in the fields of 2-in-1 notebooks, traditional notebooks, ARM64, dual-screen / foldable screens, and mobile phones.

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