Apple's AR Glasses! It will cost $ 500. Design, Release Date, and more

The source of information is a trusted insider.

A few days ago Insider (John Prosser) said that Apple AR Glasses will enter the market within a year - in March-June 2021. Prosser added that he saw this device, and it is "damn beautiful." And the insider promised later to reveal more details.

The Concept
Prosser claims to have been collecting data for a whole year, and his track record hints that you can trust an insider. Of course, keeping in mind that this is still unofficial data.

The Prosser claims to have been collecting data for over a year, and its track record indicates that you can trust an insider. Of course, keep in mind that this is still unofficial data.

Let's start with the most important thing - Apple Glass will cost $500. It is difficult to say whether it is expensive or not, despite the efforts of Google and other companies, there is no market for smart glasses. If you remember that the Apple Watch 5-4 will start at $400-430 (depending on the size), then the price of Apple Glass will not seem too heavy.

By design, Apple glasses will be as close to normal as possible. While the source has no photos or images, but the new Apple will be similar to the glasses, which you can see below.

Apple's AR Glasses! will cost $ 500. Design, Release date, and more

Current glass prototypes are made of plastic, but Prosser notes that the serial device is more likely to be metal. The lidar is on the right side of the bow, but Apple will not have a camera due to privacy concerns.

Apple Glasses will be paired with a smartphone, and all data processing will occur on the iPhone. The source does not stipulate this, but it can be assumed that the glasses will work exclusively with iOS.

As for the main functions, the information will be projected onto both windows. The name of the interface is Starboard. Glasses can be controlled both by touching the touch areas on the device itself and by gestures in front of the glasses. Lenses, of course, can be replaced.

By the way, the glasses are announced much earlier than they enter the market. The source believes that they will present a novelty at the event in the fourth quarter of this year after the cult phrase “One More Thing”. However, Apple wants to hold this event in a classic format, so there is a chance that it will be postponed to the beginning of 2021 if COVID-19 affects such events again.

Unfortunately, Prosser corrected the data regarding the entry of points into the market: they are not expected in the first or second but in the fourth quarter of 2021 or even the first quarter of 2022.

As for the insider himself, lately, he has repeatedly provided all of us with reliable information about Apple. For example, on May 4, he announced that Apple could introduce the new MacBook Pro 13 on that day, and it happened.

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