Civilization 6 became free after GTA 5

Civilization 6 became free after GTA 5

Last week, Epic Games made free GTA 5 for everyone, and from today on, you can also download for free in Civilization 6. It is unlikely that the company's servers will experience the same serious load as after giving GTA 5 the status of free, but the “civilization” has enough fans.

Civilization 6 was released in 2016 and is still the latest version of the strategy. Two add-ons are available for her - Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm, but they are not included in the free release. By the way, a free copy of the game can only be downloaded until May 28, so if you want to play an unbroken license, you need to hurry. In order to download it, you need to have an account in the Epic Games Store with two-factor authentication enabled.

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