Google Pixel 4a: Leaker puts further delay

Every week there are new signs of further delays, especially on the cheap Pixel 4A. In normal times we could already test the Midrange Pixel, according to the latest information we have to wait until mid-June this year.

Will this Pixel 4A have anything to do with Google? If Google I / O had gone through this phase as planned in early May, we would already have the Pixel 4A in our hands, but this year everything is different. Like Apple for the new iPhone SE, the online launch has been delayed. Unlike Apple, however, the people in charge at Google seem somewhat unaware of the best launch date in late May.

Google Pixel 4a: Leaker puts further delay
(Image: XDA-Developers, Julio Lusson)
Google itself has still not confirmed the existence of the multiply leaked Pixel 4a and has therefore not made an appointment - it should be a "surprise". Behind the scenes, however, there were always concrete appointments with partners

The latter sounded pretty realistic, as Google will launch a beta version of Android 11 on June 3 and host a small online event. Apparently, the simultaneous launch of Pixel 4a in early June is not discussed again, at least, says Youtuber and recently very active leader Jon Prosser. Via Twitter (see below), he announced that, apparently, June 13 was planned as the launch date.
Google Pixel 4a: Leaker puts further delay

These constant delays are probably based on market analysis, writes Prosser, “the equipment itself is finished and should be available in Just Black and Barely Blue colors. It is logical that we can only rely on the 4G model based on the Snapdragon 730, but it can be at much lower prices than last year. Only the Pixel 5 will offer 5G in the fall and probably based on the Snapdragon 765, not the Snapdragon 865.

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