Windows 10 May 2020 update: everything you need to know now

Windows 10 May 2020 update: everything you need to know now

It starts! The major Windows 10 "May 2020" update is now available for download. Version 2004, also called the latest update, offers a number of innovations that Windows users have been waiting for. We show all the new functions.

When naming the new version, the scheme that the company introduced through Windows 10 is a little revenge: because version number 2004 year (20) 20 and the release date of the initial plan (April) Contains for 04). For many consumers, the term "two thousand and four" is quite confusing, because one has to think about 2004 unintentionally.

Even more: Many people wonder why "04" and "05" are not used, but as mentioned, it does not mean the month of publication, but the month of fulfillment. As it may be: the May update is here now and - unlike the Fall 2019 update - once again offers a whole range of innovations.

Finally a 'real' update:-

The update to version 2004 is not only unusual because of this: Microsoft is making a big change that you have to get used to. Because Microsoft no longer develops new functions "exclusively" for the feature updates that appear in spring and autumn. Some innovations are already activated with older Windows 10 versions such as 1903 and 1909 via cumulative updates and are therefore available regardless of the "major" updates.

Nevertheless, this year's May update is full of interesting new functions. In this article, we show what innovations and changes Microsoft has developed.

The " Windows 10 May 2020 Update ", also called version 2004, can either be downloaded and installed as an ISO file or using the update function integrated in Windows. Alternatively, the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft can be used.
We present the three options in detail below.

1. New installation and update via ISO files

With the official ISO files, Windows 10 version 2004 is easy to download. It can be used to update the Windows 10 system (update) or to perform a complete new installation (clean install). We offer the current Windows 10 ISO files via our download centerA USB stick with at least eight gigabytes of storage space is required for the installation. This can be set up as a bootable medium using the Windows USB & DVD download tool.

2. Update using the Windows Update function

The Windows update can also be obtained and installed via the integrated Windows update function. To do this, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click on "Check for updates".

However, since Microsoft is rolling out major updates step by step, the latest version may not yet be offered. In this case, take the ISO files or the (subsequent) Media Creation Tool.

3. Download using the Media Creation Tool

With the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft, you can download the installation files for the Windows 10 May 2020 Update directly from Microsoft. After starting, select the desired edition (Home, Professional) and the language. Then you can either start the installation directly or create an installation medium (USB stick). The setup dialog guides you through all the necessary steps.

Cloud recovery:-

One of the most important new tasks is to reset the PC from the cloud. To do this, you need an internet connection, but in case of any problem, you can reconfigure with just a few clicks without the need for additional data carriers. The new option can be found in your settings.

Settings -> Update and Security -> Restore

Windows 10 May 2020 update: everything you need to know now

Not for weak lines:-
The first option there says "Reset this PC". If you click on it, another window with "Cloud Download" and "Local Install" options opens. At the same time, there is a warning to users that without a flat rate or with mobile access, cloud downloads can take up to 4 GB of data. If you start "Cloud Download", Microsoft will guide you through the next steps. This includes, for example, the choice of whether or not you want to keep your data and apps.

Slow down downloads:-

Another important change concerns user settings for updates. Microsoft has anchored an innovation in the settings with which users now have a new option in addition to the percentage download throttling for the available bandwidth. You can now set the bandwidth used as an absolute value, the new feature is hidden in the settings for Update & Security:

Settings -> Update & Security -> Delivery Optimization -> Advanced Options

Restart and get started with the app:-

For example, for applications such as Microsoft Office, the option to automatically reactivate for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications, such as Calendar or Mail, is also new in the settings. ۔

That way, previously opened applications reopen automatically when you need to restart. Version 2004 provides better control over restarting apps when you are logged in. Accordingly, the necessary settings can be found in the registration options.

More order for virtual desktops:-

Anyone who organizes their work areas with the help of virtual desktops can now assign their own names to the areas. Previously, the virtual desktops were simply numbered, now you can assign individual names. All you have to do is right-click on the desktop to start the renaming. By the way, after a restart, your own names are retained.

Further improvements:-

In some areas, the Windows team implemented improvements based on user feedback. This includes, for example, an optimized search in the file explorer as well as improvements regarding hard disk and CPU usage, general performance problems, and the indexer.

According to the Windows team, Bluetooth connections, the operation for convertibles, the Xbox game bar, and a number of features for the most barrier-free use on the PC were also improved.

Bluetooth 5.1 support and simplified pairing procedure:-

With Windows May 10, 2020, updated to version 2004, the operating system no longer supports the new but yet widespread Bluetooth 5.1 standard. On the other hand, what Microsoft is introducing is faster and, above all, easier to find. Until now, users had to take a relatively "complex" route through Bluetooth settings and, for example, the so-called pairing on Windows PCs and smartphones, but that route has now been shortened.

Windows 10 May 2020 update: everything you need to know now

If the accessories are in the paired mode, Windows 10 automatically detects this status and recommends using the information in the sidebar to establish a connection to the relevant Bluetooth device. Pairing is done on PC with at least one click. The often available name of the accessory is also visible for better identification so that no unwanted devices can be found with the system. Microsoft has so far only indicated support for the fast pairing process for in-house Bluetooth mice, keyboards, and headsets. It remains to be seen how fast the function will spread.

New task manager functions, optional features & Linux subsystem:-

For dedicated graphics cards, the Task Manager now has a separate setting for the GPU temperature and a separate display for SSDs or HDDs for data carriers, hard drives, and partitions. In addition, Windows 10 2004 starts a revised settings page for optional features (such as OpenSSH Server, graphics tools, etc.) under:

Settings -> Add optional features

A number of improvements are also available for users of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Version 2 is new, which Microsoft says promises more performance because it is based on a full Linux kernel. Among other things, Microsoft has done a lot under the hood to improve performance and fix bugs. WSL 2 also comes with support for ARM64 devices, which means it also runs on the Surface Pro X, for example.

New, regardless of version 2004:-

Other functions start out of sequence, that is, they are not activated with the update to version 2004, but also for users of the previous versions 1909 or 1903. Some features only require server-side changes, which is why they have already been released by Microsoft. This includes the new process for driver updates or generally for the so-called optional updates. This gives users more control over which components are installed automatically and which are released manually.

New edge browser now for everyone:-

And another major innovation: With the distribution of the new Windows 10 version, Microsoft will also automatically deliver the new Chromium-based web browser Chrome. So far, interested parties have to install the new Edge manually. This is now no longer the case with the update, the old Edge is thus replaced.

Drivers again as optional updates:-

In the update settings, driver updates can now be seen as optional - defacto is returning an (old) option with which you can control when driver updates are carried out.

Search with faster results:-

The search is constantly improving. In Windows 10 version 2004, Microsoft has integrated a new Quick Search that takes the user directly to weather news or news. Appropriately, voice assistant Cortana has learned a lot - but the new functions only begin in the United States. However, since Cortana has already been released from the search window in previous versions, you can move the open Cortana window to your liking.

Windows Hello PIN with new tricks:-

If you use Windows Hello with facial recognition or fingerprint and a Microsoft account, you can now remove the option to log in with a password as an administrator and only allow logging in with the biometric feature or a Windows Hello PIN. Microsoft has been pushing the

switch to PIN since version 1803. The Windows Hello PIN can now also be used in safe mode. On a device that has been configured with a PIN for the primary administrator's account, you can use your PIN instead of the password to log in in safe mode after the restart.

Computer no longer disappears:-

The calculator app has been revised. You can always keep them in the foreground if necessary, which is really practical. There is also a completely new area for calculating linear functions with diagram support.

The May 2020 update is available now, if you can't download it yet, you shouldn't be surprised: because as always, there is a staggered distribution, which, however, should no longer run for several weeks this year due to the optimized delivery process

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