YouTube will remind you it's time to sleep

This feature has already appeared in the application for iOS and Android.

It's easy to get excited about watching YouTube videos. Especially now, in solitude. But watching videos instead of dreams is not a good idea, which can lead to a lack of sleep and more work. With that in mind, the service decided to include a reminder in its actions that it was time to stop watching and go to sleep.

YouTube will remind you it's time to sleep

Perhaps now, more than ever, it’s too easy to drag yourself into the bottomless well of YouTube, to watch hours of automatic playback for hours until you realize that it has already passed. Enhancing screen time management and digital wellness features, YouTube allows you to set a reminder before bedtime to help you avoid excessive sleep disturbances by watching later than you should.

You can select the time in the settings menu and decide whether you want the reminder to go to sleep during the video, or wait until it ends. And if you change your mind and want to continue watching another video (or ten), you can reject the reminder.

Reminder parameters are set by the user in settings, including the time and how strict they should be (whether the service will wait for the clip to expire or for its reminder to interrupt its playback). Indeed. , Can continue to reject the reminder.

Innovation is already available in the application for iOS and Android. An update will be distributed in the coming days.

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