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Apple iOS 14: Brings a number of functions with new home screen

At the beginning of this year's WWDC, Apple demonstrated the new iOS 14 and the most important innovations for the first time. This includes a brand new home screen, an application library, separation from Siri, larger widgets, picture-in-picture functionality, and more.

iOS 14 brings many features that Android users should be particularly familiar with-but if developers don’t think of integrating the new features into the new user interface, Apple is not Apple. Many innovations complement existing functions.

Apple iOS 14: Brings a number of functions and large widgets
The app library automatically arranges 14 apps in iOS

The new home screen with app library and widgets

The most objectionable innovation is the new home screen. With the help of the application library, Apple can provide a new collection of automated applications in the folder structure, which will make it easier for users to find and find applications. The folders are sorted by theme, and there is also a folder for recently added applications (top right) and a folder for suggestions (top left).

The new widgets in different formats

Widgets appear on the home screen

Now, the new home screen can also accommodate widgets that were previously only allowed to remain in their own area-they are now separated and can be dragged and dropped to any location on the home screen. These widgets are also much larger now, and there are some new templates for combining your personal display. These widgets can also be placed on top of each other as a smart stack on the home screen. You can then slide back and forth between widgets.

Picture-in-Picture function

iOS now supports Picture-in-Picture options, allowing users to watch videos on iPhone or answer FaceTime calls while using other apps. Then, the window will always remain in the foreground.

Apple iOS 14: Brings a number of functions with new home screen
The keyword "detached" is one of the most important innovations for iOS 14. Not only are the widgets, video apps, and calls as picture-in-picture detached from their traditional place, Siri can now also act "independently" of the app. So far, the question "Hey Siri ..." always opened the app over the entire screen. With iOS 14 it will only be the little "Siri-Ball" that you can see.

Apple iOS 14: Brings a number of functions with new home screen

With the update of iOS 14, Siri also received a long list of further improvements, which are usually initially released for users in the United States. However, Apple will teach Siri more complicated answers/questions and enable it to send audio messages with iOS 14.

The new thread message options

iOS 14 starts a pin function

For the Messenger function, iOS 14 starts the fixed function of the conversation, through which the conversation is displayed at the top of the message view. In addition, you can have a better overview of the mentioned content and the so-called inline response in the group thread, because you can also deal directly with people or directly with them. Apple also improved the memo.

The new app Translate for text and conversation translation

In addition to the new "core functions", Apple has introduced new apps. This includes "Translate". With the app, you can translate conversations and use them as speech and text output in the app for communication. Translate starts with the languages ​​English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Arabic.

Apple iOS 14: Brings a number of functions with new home screen

The Digital car key functions

The car key feature that has appeared in iOS 13 will enable iOS 14 users to open and start the vehicle using an iPhone or Apple Watch. It works through NFC. In the coming year, Apple will launch digital keys with ultra-wideband technology, which will then be implemented with the help of U1 chips.

The iOS 14 beta Availability

The iOS 14 Beta for developers starts today, and the completed version should start as usual in the fall, more precisely in September. This will be a free update for all iPhones on the iPhone 6s.

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