Fans are Upset: Google Pixel 4a “Black” model now launching October 22

Fans of affordable Google smartphones are upset. Pixel 4a probably moved to the end of October

Unclear why?

There is clearly something strange happening with the Pixel 4a. The device should have been presented for a long time, but Google has already postponed the presentation several times. According to the latest data, the announcement is scheduled for July 13, while it was previously said that the smartphone can be sold only in August.

Fans are Upset: Google Pixel 4a “Black” model now launching October 22

And now there is even more impressive information. All the same insider John Prosser claims that the announcement has not yet been rescheduled, but the device may appear on sale only on October 22!

Fans are Upset: Google Pixel 4a “Black” model now launching October 22

More precisely, the insider says that the start of sales of the black version is scheduled for this date, while earlier he said that the black version will be released first and it will happen on August 6. One would have thought that earlier black would appear blue, however, Prosser claims that it was canceled altogether. As a result, the Pixel 4a in general can be presented together with Pixel 5 - perhaps this is due to the delay. And you can also assume that the Pixel 4a can be renamed to Pixel 5a, and then the simultaneous announcement will be quite logical.

Strange in everything, this is just one thing. Given the latest data, in 2019 Pixel smartphones sold pretty well, and obviously not least because of the availability of inexpensive Pixel 3a and 3a XL models. Given this, it is not very clear why Google is pulling with the announcement of a new inexpensive device. 

As for the reliability of the source, Prosser has repeatedly proved that you can trust him. For example, on the day of the announcement of the new MacBook Pro 13 a few hours before, he wrote that today it’s worth waiting for a new product.

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