Why Bill Gates became the face of conspiracies

why Bill Gates became the face of conspiracies

In the past few months, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has appeared not only in the technical field but also in news related to coronaviruses. He is known for creating COVID-19, and under the guise of vaccines Large-scale democratization, and plans to eliminate the "weak" population on the planet. Why Gates is the representative of conspiracy theories related to the new virus?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the names of billionaires and philanthropist Bill Gates have been garbled in foreign media. One of the reasons for this is his speech at the 2015 TED conference in Vancouver. He made an ominous prediction: "If more than 10 million people are killed in the next few decades, it will It is a contagious virus, not a war."

After remembering this sentence in the media, Gates was immediately accused of multiple crimes at once. Some people believe that he is the creator of COVID-19. Some people think that with the help of this virus, he intends to wipe out the world’s population and weakest and the most unfit. The user base is confident in Microsoft's co-founder, who will make money by making vaccines and implant chips under the skin for all patients.

“The figure of Bill Gates is surrounded by a huge number of rumors of a conspiracy.

He became a voodoo doll in which a group of people took root in his theory.

Rory Smith, a spokesman for the fact-checking organization First Draft New, said it was not surprising that he became the doll. He has always been the face of public health. told BBC

According to a study by Zignal Labs and NYT, between February and April 2020, TV and social networks mentioned about 1.2 million theories linking Bill Gates to coronaviruses.

Most of this content is posted on Facebook groups and distributed on the entire platform through reposting.

Recently, however, conspiracy theories have begun to appear in services that were not previously seen in their distribution. For example, in the popular Tik Tok among young people.

In the case where the reliability of such reports has not been confirmed, you can see a message that the charity foundation of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda is actively conducting COVID-19 on children from Africa and India Vaccine testing, which caused thousands of deaths and irreversible consequences on the health of the subjects. One publication even stated that the Indian authorities sued Gates for his inhuman experience of humanity.

Another theory holds that Gates wants to reduce the world’s population through vaccines and abortions. It also pointed out that Microsoft's co-founders have close ties with the Communist Party of China.

You can also find a video on YouTube about Gates’ obsession with getting everyone on the planet into trouble. The video has nearly 2 million views.

How did it happen that the name of Bill Gates became a world horror story? University of Miami political scientist Joseph Uskinski, the author of books on conspiracy theories, believes the answer is simple - Gates is rich and famous.

"All conspiracy theories refer to those in power accused of committing terrible acts. The essence of these theories is the same only the name changes. Before Bill Gates, there was George Soros, the Koch brothers, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers, ”said Uskinski.

Despite the fact that many conspiracy theories die "in the bud", those that manage to spread always include the "terrible villain" and those topics that currently concern most people.

“No one should be surprised that rich people and corporations are accused of wanting to insert chips into our necks because it scares us. It has been food for such theories for many years, ”said the professor.

At the same time, although these theories are unfounded, people still believe them. According to a study by Yahoo News and YouGov, more than a quarter of Americans believe that Bill Gates is making a vaccine against COVID-19 to simultaneously combat the population.

According to Rory Smith, this is because there is a “particle of truth” in such theories that is strongly taken out of the real context.

At the same time, because there are many Internet users in the world, it is difficult to limit the spread of these theories. If such rumors were only spread in certain communities, they can now spread to other countries and continents within seconds.

Smith pointed out that the outbreak of conspiracy theories is directly related to the current pandemic because, in this difficult situation, people are "psychologically vulnerable."

This week, Bill Gates for the first time commented on rumors that he is behind the massive chipping of people through vaccination. According to him, these theories are so "strange and stupid" that there is no point in denying them.

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