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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Officially revealed Here all information

Today, Thursday 11 June 2020, Xiaomi Mi band 5 will be officially released, which is also the strongest bracelet in the history of Xiaomi The Xiaomi revealed the design, specifications, the presence of NFC in the global version, and the expected price of new items.

The new series of the popular fitness bracelet will receive the same removable capsule with a rounded 2.5D display. Mi band 5 Screen size increased from 0.95 to 1.2 inches. Xiaomi Bracelet 5 uses a larger 1.1-inch screen, which not only has more theme dials but also supports dynamic dial and dial function customization.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Officially revealed Here all information

The official poster reveals four basic color options for the bracelet (for those who are not familiar with Xiaomi fitness trackers, the color of the capsule remains black).

All official Mi Band 5 posters

There will be six colors to choose from. Dear readers, I do not know what color of the bracelet you would choose. But, personally, I really like the yellow bracelet. It looks bright and summer-like.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with Magnetic Charging: Here all information

The birth of a legend

Users who are just getting acquainted with Xiaomi smart bracelets and plan to buy Mi Band 5 will be interested to know about the history of presentations of the popular gadget.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with Magnetic Charging: Here all information

  • July 2014 - Xiaomi introduced its first smart bracelet on the market. The functionality of Mi Band was then extremely limited, and the design is as simple as possible.
  • June 2016 - the best-seller of the next two years Mi Band 2 is released. Thanks to this gadget, the company has set several sales records worldwide.
  • May 2018 - the long-awaited Mi Band 3 was presented at the anniversary conference. The manufacturer first added NFC support for budget wearable devices. Contactless payments worked only in China.
  • June 11, 2019 - the fourth generation was remembered by fans with a color screen. The novelty was then delivered as quickly as possible to European stores. The global version was called Mi Smart Band 4. At the end of May 2020, Russia introduced the NFC version, which received full support from Mastercard.

The Feature list of Xiaomi Mi 5 band and also what's new in this bracelet

Today, the official announcement of the main configuration and function upgrades of Xiaomi Bracelet 5. The main differences and advantages of Mi Band 5:

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with Magnetic Charging: Here all information

  • Screen increased by 0.25 inches;
  • The battery got a little bigger;
  • Heart rate tracking has been improved by measuring SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation);
  • Multifunctional NFC in the global version (Google Pay may appear, but most likely it will be implemented only through Mastercard cards in the initial stages);
  • 5 new sports modes (total 11);
  • Alexa smart assistant
  • tracking menstrual cycles for women;
  • the ability to control the shutter of the smartphone’s camera using Mi Band 5.

A Dynamic large screen (20% increase): The Mi Band 5 has an elliptical shape and a 2.5D curved screen with rich colors. The symbols used for interaction below the screen are still arched. In terms of functions, it supports stress tests, women's health, sports, and bank card functions.

The screen of Xiaomi Bracelet 5 will be increased from 0.95 inches to 1.2 inches, which will support the control of mobile phones to take pictures. This is also the first time that Xiaomi Bracelet has launched this feature.

Magnetic charging: One of the key advantages of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is the ability to charge the gadget without removing the capsule. I am sure that many users experience a certain “pain” when they try to get a capsule from a bracelet. The charging process is shown below.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with Magnetic Charging: Here all information

The magnetic charging of Xiaomi Bracelet 5 is quite easy to use, and it can be charged at a touch, eliminating the trouble of the card slot on the location. The watch face theme also supports dynamic effects.

11 professional sports modes: It is reported that Mi Bracelet 5 will support a variety of sports modes such as table tennis, skipping rope, badminton, yoga, basketball, rowing machine, etc. Of course, daily step counting, message reminder, mobile payment, and other functions will not be absent.

A new women's health mode: The most important thing is the upgrade of the new sensor. It is understood that after upgrading the new sensor, Xiaomi Bracelet 5 will support heart rate and sleep status monitoring, check the stress level of the day, and follow the bracelet to adjust the breathing rhythm to relax the whole body.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with Magnetic Charging: Here all information

NFC UnionPay flash payment: The mobile payment and other functions will not be absent. Xiaomi Bracelet 5 brings the UnionPay flash payment function to the bracelet. Combined with Alipay's offline payment function, users can completely get rid of the shackles of mobile phones and obtain a more convenient mobile payment experience.

Remote control camera: Xiaomi Bracelet 5 also supports remote photography. After Bluetooth connection, as long as the phone is in the camera interface, without any extra settings, you can use the bracelet as a shutter button to take pictures remotely from the mobile phone.

Ip Supporting:  The dial theme of Xiaomi Bracelet 5 has added a well-known super IP, supporting up to hundreds of dials, including Detective Conan, EVA, Hatsune Miku, SpongeBob, etc., which greatly enriches the personal needs of young people.

Xiaomi Mi band 5 are available in different colors

the official poster showed a variety of bracelet colors for Xiaomi Bracelet 5. It is understood that Xiaomi Bracelet 5 is available in four colors: cyan, red, yellow, and black. The colors of the cyan and black wristbands are the same as the case. The red and yellow case is black. No accidents, it can be replaced separately later.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with Magnetic Charging: Here all information

What is the Price List of Xiaomi Mi band 5

The price of the band is $26 dollars, starting in china.  it is more reliable, and it is still the main cost-effective china After investigation. The price of 189 yuan ($27.77) is basically in line with the speculation of less than 200 yuan ($28). the starting price of ($23.93) 169 yuan for the Xiaomi bracelet last year, it is more reliable, and it is still the main cost-effective route. In the US it will be $44.99

Prize of Xiaomi Mi band 5

Here the interesting comparison of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Mi band 5

0.95-inch colored display1.1-inch colored display
77100+ watch faces
 Dynamic watch face
 watch face function customization
611 exercise mode
5050 meter waterproof
bus / access card / Alipaybus / access card / Alipay / union pay NFC
xiao ai voice assistantxiao ai voice assistant
24-hour heart rate monitoring24-hour heart rate monitoring
sleeping analysis24-hour sleeping analysis/speed eye movement (?) / little nod off tracking (?)
 Stress monitoring
 breathing exercise training
 PAI vitality index
 women health
 remote selfie
insert-style chargingmagnetic charging

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with Magnetic Charging: Here all information

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