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Homepod Mini a tiny smart speaker comes with a big feature set

Apple is now holding its second press conference in the second month. Apple Officially announced a new Homepod Mini that looks to be about 1/3 the size of the standard Homepod. The device has a high-range driver and two subwoofers, and a lot of software. The main features include Apple's trademark ecosystem integration, including walkie-talkies, which is a new tool that allows people to send voice messages from speakers to multiple other Apple devices.

HomePod Mini

The top of the device is used as a touch panel to control the device. When the user calls Siri for query or control, it will also glow in multiple colors.

The sound is emitted by a single large driver and two large woofers, which emit sound from the side of the device. Apple-designed audio to explode in a sphere.

HomePod mini is built on the S5 chip, which, together with a high-quality audio system. It can significantly improve sound quality. Apple calls the HomePod mini sound system Computational audio, a sound that is computed over 100 times per second and automatically optimized to deliver the best sound.

HomePod S5 Processor

Homepod computational audio

Apple emphasizes privacy and security as a key feature of Homepod Mini. Personal requests will only be executed when your iPhone is with you (probably near your voice).

Homepod Mini supports Apple Music and Podcasts and iHeartRadio. In the future, speakers will also integrate with Amazon Music and Pandora.

HomePod mini supports the U1 chip with support for UWB (Ultra Wideband) communications. It is a big stake in the company. UWB will soon support almost all devices from the iMac to the Apple Watch. Actually, the Apple Watch Series 6 UWB is already supported. Specifically, in the case of HomePod mini, the presence of the U1 chip provides instant transmission of sound from the smartphone to the speaker as soon as the phone is brought to it.

Homepod Mini a tiny smart speaker comes with a big feature set

Of course, HomePod mini is endowed with the proprietary voice assistant Siri, which has become faster, smarter, and smarter over the years. However, everyone already knows Siri, but the intercom function is new.

HomePod Price

It allows you to communicate with different users through different HomePod mini. The intercom function also works with other Apple devices - iPads, iPhones, and even CarPlay. HomePod mini also lets you control smart home systems.

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