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Leak shows the unusual design of the Infinix

Infinix is ​​known for its sometimes very unusual smartphones, which often offer large batteries at an affordable price. A leak now shows a brand new device that not only attracts attention because of its curious design but also because of its features.

Leak shows the unusual design of the Infinix

A report from XDA-Developers reveals a new smartphone from Infinix, which is particularly noticeable by the gigantic "NOW" lettering on the back. But the camera module also looks unusual, in addition to the huge main camera there are two more lenses on the back, one of which is square, which would suggest that it is a periscope zoom lens.

The display, which is strongly rounded towards the sides, gives the smartphone an elegant look, with the chin under the display being slightly wider than the edge of the screen above the screen. The fingerprint sensor is integrated directly into the display, the selfie camera sits in a small punch hole in the top left corner of the touchscreen.

Leak shows the unusual design of the Infinix

One of the most exciting features of the smartphone can be found on the underside: the USB-C port, which, according to rumours, can be used to charge the device with an impressive 160 watts via "Ultra Flash Charge". Functions on the market, apart from  Xiaomi's 200-watt Hypercharge standard, which can fully charge a smartphone in just eight minutes, but so far no device is available that supports this technology.

So far, no further details about the "Infinix Now" are known, neither in terms of equipment nor in terms of the launch date - even the name has not yet been determined, although the label on the device is difficult to miss.

Leak shows the unusual design of the Infinix

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