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Symfonisk Picture Frame: New picture frame loudspeaker from IKEA and Sonos is shown in advance

 As you know, IKEA and Sonos will present new Symfonisk speakers this month. One of the products shows up in advance.

IKEA and Sonos want to introduce new Symfonisk speakers in June. Among other things, this should include a new version of the loudspeaker built into a lamp with exchangeable lampshades. There was also speculation about a picture frame with a built-in loudspeaker. And that is exactly what was shown in advance on the IKEA website.

loudspeaker from IKEA and Sonos is shown in advance

The "Symfonisk Picture Frame with Wi-Fi speaker" is already listed on the US site of IKEA. A first picture can also be seen there, but it delivers little and is not particularly meaningful. The Symfonisk picture frame available in black and white is listed at a price of just under $ 200. Presumably, it will then cost around 200 euros in this country. The dimensions are given as 16 inches in width and 22 inches in length. This corresponds to around 41 x 56 cm. The thickness is around 5 cm. The question that remains is how much sound Sonos can really pack into such a thin speaker. It is currently not known whether there will be any other sizes.

The new IKEA Symfonisk Picture Frame can either be hung on a wall in a classic way or placed on it. The loudspeaker is installed in a frame made of plastic and behind a cover made of polyester. The front should be exchangeable so that the speaker can be optically adjusted.

Of course, the new Symfonisk Picture Frameworks with the Sonos S2 app as well as the IKEA Home smart app and can be seamlessly integrated into the two systems. AirPlay 2 from Apple is also supported. More information will be available at the official unveiling, which is scheduled for June 14th.

loudspeaker from IKEA and Sonos is shown in advance

loudspeaker from IKEA and Sonos is shown in advance

Source = IKEA

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