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All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

 It’s been a while since the iPhone 13 series went on sale. Many fans have already got the new phone and shouted "Thirteen Fragrance" in various ways.

However, some fans said that the new iPhone 13 series they bought had overturned, and the sudden overturning of Shisanxiang in their hearts caused a big psychological gap. Today, I will give you a summary of what slots the iPhone 13 series has.

All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

PS: Individual quality problems in mobile phones are excusable. Due to the huge sales volume of the iPhone 13 series, these quality problems will naturally be magnified.

If you find a problem, you must actively contact the after-sales service. The significance of this article is to let everyone find the slot, pay more attention when buying the iPhone 13 series, if there is a problem, find and deal with it in time.

Poor workmanship and quality control: the frame has scratches, the camera is dusty, and the frame is not tightly connected

At present, many netizens said that they found workmanship and quality control problems when they unpacked the new iPhone 13 series.

Among them, the most unbearable thing is that the camera gets dusty. Searching for "iPhone 13 camera dusting" on Weibo, we can find that this problem is not an isolated case.

All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

Although most of the dust in the camera is only one or two particles of dust, it has no significant impact on the shooting effect, but for users who are pursuing the ultimate image, it obviously affects the mood very much.

All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

In addition to the camera dusting, some netizens also encountered the problem of scratches on the frame.

The Pro series has a high-gloss stainless steel frame, which is relatively easy to scratch, and of course, it is also easy to be scratched during assembly.

These scratches do not affect the use, but if you consider the subsequent second-hand use, the frame scratches will affect the grade of the mobile phone's new and old levels and lower the transaction price.

All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

It should be noted that if there are traces on the frame, it may not be scratched, but stains such as glue, which can be eliminated by wiping with a soft wet wipe.

All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

In addition, the new iPhone 13 series also has the problem of a loose connection between the screen and the frame. Some netizens reported that a piece of A4 paper can be inserted into the gap. In fact, this problem has been encountered by users in the iPhone 12 series, and it belongs to the influence of component tolerances.

Fortunately, the four phones of the full iPhone 13 series we got did not encounter these problems, that is to say, the above problems are only probabilistic.

Therefore, friends who buy the iPhone 13 series must inspect the goods carefully when they receive the phone, and contact the after-sales service if any problems are found.

Poor signal: worse than iPhone 12? This shows that there is a signal but cannot receive phone messages

All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

Poor signal has always been a big problem for iPhone users, and many users of the iPhone 12 series complain about bad signals.

After getting the iPhone 13 series, many users found that the new machine is still not good enough. Some netizens even said: "The iPhone 13 has a worse signal than the 12, and you bring two mobile phones at the same time.

All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

Of course, some netizens said that the signal of the iPhone 13 series is better than that of the 12. This is related to factors such as mobile phone software adaptation, test environment, and operator coverage.

But what is basically certain is that the signal of the iPhone 13 series is indeed not good. There are also cases where the mobile phone displays a signal and cannot receive phone messages: "Is there a pro signal that cannot receive text messages and calls? The first few red missed calls are made by people sitting next to them, and they cannot be answered at all. arrive."

Camera problem: Mosaics when taking pictures, blurry shots at close range 

Speaking of the flaws of the iPhone camera, ghosting is undoubtedly the first priority. The ghosting of the iPhone 12 series is more obvious. When the mobile phone shoots the light source, the light spot corresponding to the light source will appear in the non-light source position on the image.

Apple doesn't seem to care about related optimizations, and the shooting ghosts of the iPhone 13 series also exist.
All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

But the iPhone 13 seems to have added new problems. Some netizens reported that the images taken by the iPhone 13 series will appear "mosaic" and color blocks appear in the photos.

This kind of problem may be caused by poor camera software optimization, and the subsequent system upgrade problem should be resolved. We experimented with the iPhone 13 series, but the problem did not reappear.

All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

When searching, we also found that some netizens said that the iPhone 13 would be blurry when shooting at close range.

We also experimented with the iPhone 13 series. The iPhone 13 mini does not support macro shooting and cannot focus when shooting at close distances. When shooting at close distances, the iPhone 13 Pro will automatically switch to an ultra-wide-angle lens.

In other words, there is a certain difference between the iPhone 13 series and other mobile phones where the main camera can take macro shots.

Screen color cast: the display is reddish, low-frequency PWM dimming causes discomfort for some users
All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

The iPhone 12 series has had the problem of a greenish screen. In the iPhone 13 generation, the problem of screen color cast seems to still exist, but it is not greenish, but reddish.

In a low-brightness environment, the mobile phone displays a darker background. If the screen is color-shifted, it will be displayed more clearly. Fortunately, this color cast has little effect on daily use.

All known iPhone 13 issues: Poor quality and Poor signal

In addition, some bloggers said that “dizziness and eye pain after watching the screen” may be due to the low-frequency PWM dimming used in the iPhone 13 series, and some users are more sensitive to this screen dimming mode.

If friends have concerns about the dimming of their screens, it is recommended to go to the offline experience store to experience it in person.


Seeing this, some friends may be worried: Are the iPhone 13 series still worth buying?

In fact, the hard power of the iPhone 13 series is undeniable. It's just that other mobile phone brands and products are getting stronger. In contrast, the iPhone is no longer in the lead, but consumers' requirements for products are gradually increasing.

Coupled with the iPhone is still in the focus of public attention, some of the product problems will naturally be magnified.

Therefore, if you like the new iPhone 13 series, you can still buy it, but it is recommended to choose the official channel, and do the inspection procedure when buying so that if there is a problem, it can be found and handled in time.

What pits did friends who got the new iPhone 13 series machine encounter? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to help more friends avoid pits together~

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